SBC Product center
  • SBC General Bearing
    Specialized in bearing manufacturing and operating for more than 60 years of history, from inner to outer diameter of 0.6 mm can produce 3 m nine categories of more than 10000 specifications of the bearing and the bearing steel ball, roller and other related parts.
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  • SBC Auto Bearing
    To provide various types of car manufacturers matching bearings and related accessories.
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  • SBC Sales center
    We can the global distribution service for the domestic and foreign large enterprises. Help you in China and global procurement to the various types of bearings, on the premise of quality assurance, reduce procurement costs, achieve mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit.
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About us
Shanghai bearing import & Export Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997.
We are one of the largest Chinese bearing production, sales and export base.
We are engaged in bearing manufacturing has more than 60 years of history, so far, we have about 600 million sets of bearings / years of bearing production and processing capacity.
Main production and 0.6 mm diameter to the outer diameter of 3 meters of nine kinds of basic types of bearing models, more than 10 thousands types , and provides a steel ball, roller, needle roller bearing parts.
Contact Us
Shanghai sales center:
Shanghai pudong new area in pudong south road, lane 1862 20 zhongxin mansion on the third floor
Tel: 86-21-68752488 fax: 86-21-58209035
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